Bob is a resourceful and persistent researcher with broad experience completing a diversity of research projects.

Bob’s doctoral studies provided him with research and analysis skills he’s employed in a variety of projects. He’s written biographies, history-based curriculums, and uncovered stories from the past for the Wisconsin State Historical Society, Wisconsin Society for Jewish Learning, Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities, the Madison Public Library, and St. Mary’s Hospital. He also has employed these skills to collect, synthesize, and analyze vast quantities of information for organizations that provide services for older adults. And, he’s worked with several organizations to provide them with stories from them own histories to help them celebrate their accomplishments.

Research Resume

Dean Clinic
Conducted research and wrote a 110 year web-based history of the clinic, interviewed descendants of founder Joseph Dean and contemporary leadership, collected and identified relevant historical photos and videos to include on Dean history web site. 2014

Wisconsin Assisted Living Association
Wrote best “Standards of Practice” manuals on the following topics: Assessments and ISPs, Abuse and Neglect, Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Diabetes, Emergency Management, Food Safety, Infection Control, Medications, Pain Management, Person-Directed Care, Pressure Ulcers. 2012-2014

St. Mary’s Hospital
Conducted research and wrote 100 historical stories, created 9 historical timelines, and interviewed several retired staff members in conjunction with the 100th anniversary celebrations. 2011

Wisconsin Society for Jewish Learning
Conducted research and wrote a Jewish history of Wisconsin online curriculum called “Neighbors in Wisconsin.” 2010

Wisconsin Assisted Living Association
Conducted research and wrote a state-of-the-art “Train the Trainer” manual for assisted living providers. 2010

Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities
Conducted research and wrote a “best practices” online curriculum to promote diversity, conflict resolution, and teamwork called “RESPECT: Reaching Every Student’s Potential through Effective Cooperation and Teamwork.” 2009

Conducted research and wrote an online curriculum about youth who have changed the world through social action called “It’s Our World, Too! Community Service Projects for Young People to Make a Difference.” 2008

Assisted Living Federation of America
Conducted research, analyzed, and synthesized information related to organizational practices and websites for member organizations. 2008

Alzheimer’s Association of America
Gathered information and provided analyses of data collected from seventy-three Alzheimer’s Association chapter websites in a multitude of targeted areas. 2007

Wisconsin Historical Society Press
Conducted research, interviews, and wrote 6 award-winning historical “Badger Biographies” 2006-2012

Madison Public Library
Conducted research and wrote a book of thematically organized stories from the library’s history in conjunction with its 125th anniversary celebrations called
All Their Ways are Helping Ways: Stories from the History of the Madison Public Library, 2001